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Are you new in Haram, or just visiting? The library can help you enjoy your stay. We have users from all the corners of the world!

How can we help?
  • We have courses in Norwegian.
  • We can obtain books in your language.
  • We have books in simple Norwegian.
  • We can obtain books in almost all languages for children.
  • We can help your children maintain their mother language.
  • We can try to find films in your language, or films in Norwegian with a fairly simple dialogue.
  • We can obtain study books.
  • We can help explain education programmes.


tel. 47682067
Kart    iBrattvåg.no

Opningstider :

Mandag 13-18
Tysdag  12-16
Onsdag  stengt
Torsdag 12-20 (18)
Fredag   12-16
Laurdag 11-14
Opningstider filialar